Structural Engineering

5S Projects undertakes the provision of structural engineering design and consultancy services including but not limited to:
Residential Development/Alterations & Additions​

Single Storey Dwelling, Multi Storey Dwelling, Granny Flat, Townhouse or Renovating or Extending House, etc.

Industrial Warehouse/Factory Unit

Concrete Slab and Footing, Portal Steel Frames, Precast Wall Panel, etc.

Reinforced Concrete Structures

Concrete Slab, Footing, Concrete Beams, Columns, etc​

Steel Structures

Structural Steel Beams, Columns, Portal Steel Frames, etc.

Timber Structures

Timber Floor, Roof and Decking Frame, etc.

drafting plans and shop drawings service
Precast Concrete Structures

Precast Concrete Stormwater Pits, Culverts, Precast Concrete Slab, Tilt-up Wall Panels, etc.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Connection Design, Local Structural Strengthening, etc.

Miscellaneous Structures

Earth Retaining Walls, Pavement, Carports, Pergolas, Decks, Swimming Pools, etc.

Structural Adequacy Certificate

We Undertake Structural Assessment of Your Structure and Provide Structural Certificate or Load Rating Certificate, etc.

Dilapidation Inspection and Report

Dilapidation and Post-Dilapidation Report as Required by Council for Your Development Application.

We Work Hard to provide the best service in industry

How We Work

Contact us and forward your plans, sketch or your requirements to us.

We review your provided document and provide suitable design solution along with competitive lump sum fee proposal. 

We carry out site inspection if require and provide concept design for your review and comments upon receive your agreement on our fee proposal.

We coordinate with your and/or other consultant for design clarification if required.

We finalised design drawing plans and send them to you.

We provide a follow-up engineering by provide clarification or alternative design solution in later stage of your projects if any.