Hydraulic Engineering

5S Projects Engineers are familiar with every council development control plan (DCP) of stormwater drainage across NSW state and provide hydraulic engineering services including but not limited to:
Stormwater Drainage Plan

Roof Drainage Plan, Surface Drainage Plan, etc.

On-site Detention Systems (OSD) Design

Underground or Above Ground OSD in Accordance With Council Requirement

On-site Absorption Systems

Design Absorption System in Compliance with Council DCP

DRAIN Modelling

Hydraulic Computer Modelling and Analysis

How We Work

Contact us and forward your plans.

We review your provided document and provide suitable design solution in accordance with Council DCP’s requirements along with competitive lump sum fee proposal. 

We carry out site inspection if require and provide concept design for your review and comments upon receive your agreement on our fee proposal.

We coordinate with your and/or other consultant for design clarification if required.

We finalised design drawing plans and send them to you.

We provide a follow-up engineering by provide clarification or alternative design solution in later stage of your projects if any.